Thought Crimes [EP]

by Tony Kill

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released November 15, 2016

thought crimes


executive production ~
tony kill

co-executive production ~
eshovo momoh, patrick cain, rené audain, echelon the seeker

creative consultant ~
eshovo momoh, luis vela

commissioned arts ~
diary of disposables, leah beck, rubeni chandrasegaram



all rights reserved


Tony Kill Washington, D.C.

warning: educated black man

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Track Name: Dear Everyone [Side A]
0:00 detour ~ written by tony kill

i've departed from
the garden of
my mind

6:30 cinqo ~ written by tony kill and eshovo

dear everyone, don't think it's been easy
dear everyone, don't think it's been easy
but i understand now that we are not
and never will be alike. i'm not like you

( lost in my train of thought )

syncopated streaks of brilliance
filter through these transient thoughts
time moves slowly on and on
no fast forward, no rewind


feed the grownups to the vultures
ride their wings into the war
hunger leads to revolution
give what they ask for

if i never witnessed my truth, in my distance
i'd be like u

more than i'm willing
and i don't like the sound of that
or the feeling

fine, ignore the feeling
knowing you're own willingness
at 4 in the morn searching for church ceilings

but i'm sure willing

i don't play when it comes to pure feeling

in a treasure drawer, digging

though existing in a marginal position
i ain't wishing to exchange positions

i insist you join the mission
as if you meet the requisites
the aforementioned

13:09 chaos theory ~ written by tony kill

they prefer serenades
the symmetry is killing me
be careful near my crowded mind
i'm drowning fast / i'll take ya down
they prefer consistency
we enjoy chaos theory

do tell mr. know it all
got it all figured out, right?
do share your philosophy
since you know it all
c'mon and tell me
how i should get myself out of this mess?
until then

electric love when planets meet
and rip to shreds, praise the thief
the palisades were yesterday
the days and weeks are on repeat
it's 109 and when i cry
my tears will mist onto your lips
in my favorite shirt worn to kill
my enemies, my closest friends
they prefer to stay the same
we enjoy the growing pains

got your guest list here for ya
only had 8 paid tonight so i didn't have enough
to put any money in your pocket

21:06 more delusions of grandeur ~ written by tony kill

i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid
i wanna get paid and i wanna have fun
Track Name: Finer Things [Side B]
0:00 ~ who really knows
*written and sung by tony kill
the distance between
a dayjob & a dream
inciting the senses
feigning indifference
things aren't as they seem

when living's a chore
you're invited to ignore
to dislike and reject
and blindly oppose
because who really knows

i don't

9:00 the march to pallet town
written and performed by tony kill

you belong trapped with me
these padded walls need company
broken down from breaking up
to making out and breaking shit

see i'm headed on down to pallet town
but maybe baby just for one night
i should try to be alone

pardon my insanity
how'd i trick you into wanting me
i need you this instant i can't take that distance
i need you!
to head on down to
pallet town
you should come wit---... eh,
maybe baby just for one night
i should try to be alone

i hope you're strong enough to keep your word
while these voices cry between my eyes
and promise me i'll never succeed
i think maybe baby just for tonight
i should try to be alone